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Find your bliss today!

16 maj 2013

Why is everybody so obsessed with living longer?
Why squeeze a few more unhappy years out of the geriatric end?
Why the preoccupation with cholesterol levels, bran diets, lipid counts, aerobic exercise, and so on?

Doesn’t it make more sense to live joyously now,
to make every day full,
to love and be loved,
rather than worry so much about your physical health in an unknown future?

What if there is no future?
What if death is a release into bliss?
I am not saying to neglect your  body, that it is all right to smoke or to drink excessively
or to abuse substances or to be grossly obese.
These conditions cause pain, grief and disability.

Just don’t worry so much about the future.
Find your bliss today!
The irony is that, given this attitude and living happily in the present,
you probably will live longer anyway.

Ur Only Love Is Real

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